Foods You Should Eat Before You Workout

Pre-workout food is just as important as the food you eat regularly. However, if you find yourself getting fatigued during your workout sessions you probably need to focus on the type of food you eat before you workout. If you want to perform at your best during your workout session than you need to provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform at its optimum. According to an article on Men’s Fitness, when you skip your meals and start working out instead can result in low blood sugar which will leave you with the feeling of fatigue and light-headedness. You need to ensure that you maintain your energy during your workout so food is vital. Some of the foods that you should consume prior to working out include: bananas, oats, wholegrain bread, as well as fruit and yogurt. You should consume these feeds anywhere from thirty to forty minutes prior to your workout session. Along with what you should eat there are also foods that you should stay away from. These foods include: fatty foods and sugar. Foods containing fat and those with sugar will leave you feeling cramped and sluggish during and after your workout session. While carbs are good for your pre-work meal, you should get those carbs from grains and fruit. According to a fitness article, bananas work great for boosting your potassium levels complemented with cinnamon for increasing your brain function while acting to balance your blood sugar.

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