Birthday cakes are special

It is said that the world’s famous bakers were the ancient Egyptians. They used to bake a cake over hot stones. Do you know why cakes are fluffy and round? This is because it was made of unused breads which were two or three days old. Natural yeasts were used to give it a flat top. In ancient Rome breads were made of honey and milk to make it soft. Later it was enriched with egg and sugar and was given the name of cake

Since then, cakes have become one of the most wanted desserts in the world. Bakeries have become very common these days and there are certain countries which excel in baking cakes. They invent new recipes and have made baking of a cake a revolution. There are famous cake shops in NaviMumbai which excel in baking.

For fluffy cakes, bakers started to use whipped eggs in the batter during the late 18th century. At that time baking sodas and baking powders were invented. Few years later, the temperature regulating oven was discovered and then the availability of sugar became also very easy. Since then, baking a cake has become a regular thing among people.

Birthday cakes on the other hand has another history altogether. It also has come a long way. One can even trace the presence of birthday cakes in ancient Greece and Rome. At that time celebrating a birthday was not a day to day usual event. People at that time used to celebrate an emperor’s birthday or a temple’s birthday. It was used to be a grand event only. At that time birthday cakes were prepared with honey, grated cheese, flour and olive oil. Some people have a different story to tell though. They believe that in Germany only Jesus birthday was celebrated by making sweet dough which was shaped like a baby Jesus in shabby clothes. From this concept, birthday cakes took birth. Later people started to celebrate the birth of every child on earth by cutting a cake on their special day.

When you cut a cake on your birthday you never forget to blow the candle first and make a wish. Do you? Well this also has a story within. In ancient times people used to pray on flames in an open fire. They believed that the smoke carried their wishes up to the god. Now people says that if one can blow all the candles together in one breath then all their wishes will come true.

One can even bake a cake easily at home now. There are plenty of recipes available and the varieties of ingredients are also easily found in the market. Making varieties of cakes at home is just a matter of time now. But if one is not very easy with the baking process then they can always buy a cake from store or order them from online cake websites. They all have the facility of cake delivery at home when needed. It is just a few clicks away. One can make a list of best birthday cake shop in Navi Mumbai before ordering a cake. Then they can choose from the cakes that they bake and then order. They can even customize a particular themed cake if they want to make the birthday party even more special.